Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme - ESOS

ESOS Accredited Lead Assessors, ESOS Compliance

The Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme is a requirement on organisations to evaluate their consumption of energy and identify opportunities to make reductions. The new, mandatory, ESOS regulations came into force in July 2014 and place a tight timescale to ensure compliance.

Does ESOS apply to you?
ESOS Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme

Energy Performance Consultants are vastly experienced in undertaking energy audits of organisations and making recommendations for improvement. With an in-house accredited ESOS Lead-Assessor, we are well placed to assist organisations with ESOS in a number of ways:

  • We can help you to determine whether ESOS applies to your organisation. In most cases this is straight-forward but taking account of the complex manner in which some organisations are structured, with subsidiaries or companies outside of the UK, then this might need closer consideration.
  • Should this apply to your organisation then our ESOS accredited Lead Assessor will be able to assist in the compilation of your response to the Environment Agency for this coming December, 2015. Our experienced staff will compliment that work by assisting to identify viable energy saving opportunities.
  • ISO 50001 is one of the exemptions to ESOS but that depends of the scope of the 50001 project. As consultants to companies with 50001, we understand the complexity of this and will be able to advise you accordingly. Where organisations prefer, we will be able to lead them through to formal accreditation to ISO 50001 but the reality is that will not be completed before December 2015, therefore an ESOS response will still be required.

For further information on ESOS please ring Richard Johnson on 07814 889308 or email More than likely we can resolve whether ESOS applies to your organisation over the phone or by an email questionnaire.

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